WildDreams – Another free wordpress theme!


Hope all of you loved my first wordpress theme – BlakMagik. I am glad to release my second FREE wordpress theme – WildDreams. The theme has a wild feel and is based on 2 columns. The psd source file of the logo and header background has also been included with the package. Feel free to change the logo and header with yours. This theme can be used for any projects but it’s forbidden to sell or redistribute. Please link to this article if you would like to spread the word.

I’ve tested this in Firefox (Both Windows and MAC), Safari and IE7. I don’t care about IE6 ;)

About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Nice theme. Too bad the live preview is not working.

  2. Really loved this theme. I’ve implemented it at http://seekeraftertruth.com

    2 Quick questions:
    1. Can you implement pagination so that users can go back and forth?
    2. There seems to be a gap between the title and the actual post content (is this because of google ad scripts?) Is there any way to eliminate that space?
    Many thanks,

    • Unfortunately, due to the lack of support/response of the developer and also due to the manner in which the css/functions have been coded, even simple manipulation of the theme was simply too obfuscating / time consuming. As a result, and with much regret, I’ve abandoned this theme, despite the truly good art/layout.

  3. The preview don´t work. The template is very nice, thanks for sharing ; )

  4. i like it, thanks. – wpdestek.com

  5. I got an error message that said “Page can not be displayed” in the middle of the first blogpost. Took me a while to find it but it was something with google syndicate….it wodn’t work unless i removed the script code for it =(
    I use windows 7 and explorer 8.

    Other than that, it is realy great! and a fun theme =)
    Nice work!

  6. Nice work! thanks for sharing!

  7. Why i cant install dream wordpress, It just loads and then times out or says “Failure Notice” and asks me to retry.

  8. very nice, thanks so much for this

  9. thank you very much f

  10. thank you very much for this very wonderful theme

  11. nice theme..
    Thank you for sharing…
    Here is a psd version theme for free:

  12. thank you very much for this very wonderful theme

  13. Hi,
    Thanks so much for this great theme.

  14. Hi, it’s nice to meet you, well let me tell you about me fist, I’m a student for mexico, and decide to put a web page using wordpress and of course you great theme, but I have some questions because my old post can’t show in orden that it’s not a link to them, do you know why it happens?, thanks in advance

  15. check out our implementation of this awesome WildDreams theme: http://akamaibackyard.com/blog

    It still has a few graphical glitches but I dare say we revamped it quite creatively :)


    PS: I re.inserted

    back into both, archive.php and search.php for full display of post’s contents on search and click on cats/ archives.

  16. I really want this theme but I get a FORBODDEN error as well, like others. Can you email me the ZIP file or fix this issue, that would be awesome!

  17. It says 403 Forbidden on the demo page

  18. It’s not letting me preview it…It keeps saying forbbiden and I don’t have persmission to access server :(

  19. amazing wordpress theme thank you

  20. thank you very much for this very wonderful theme….I have a friend who ask me to create a website for her. She would really love this design. Is it okay to modify this design?

  21. Hey Gopal,
    I love your WP themes and I’d like to Preview/demo them. But when I click on that button I get a 403 Forbidden error on my broswer with the message: “You don’t have permission to access / on this server”. Any way around that?

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  23. Wow, cool theme. And great of you to offer it for free…. I’m not in need of a theme at the moment, but I have bookmarked your page ;-)

  24. To my previous post. I think I found the solution here http://wordpress.org/support/topic/262100

  25. Hi, really really great theme. The only problem is that there is no “next/previous post” button in the categories. So visitors can’t see all posts in one category if there are a lot of posts. I’ve searched for a solution and found the code but don’t know where to put it in.
    Can you please help? I think other people may have the same problem. Thanks.

  26. what a fantastic them, I am planning to use it for my most important blog.

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  28. what a fantastic them, I am planning to use it for my most important blog.

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  32. I used it in my blog…

    I searched about more than “9 hrs” online in all the wordpress theme sites…

    And the best which i felt is this!!!

    But there is some gap between post body and heading…

    Cud u tell wat wud be the prob?

    Is there any

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  37. i was download imprezz theme this day..!
    but there were not anything in the zippedfile…!

  38. Hi,
    Thanks so much for this great theme. I’m using it for my WordPress shop. Love the layout and everything, it’s just great.

    Thanks so much again!

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  51. I absolutely love this theme and I am hoping to use it for my new site, however, is anyone else having issues with this theme on Internet Explorer? If so is there anyway to make this theme compatible with IE?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks for all the great work!

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  59. Amazing stuff mate!

    You’re an inspiration!

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  61. Hello !

    Great, great work but… can we have a no frog version psd please ?


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  65. Hey is the CSS missing recently? i am unable to view this theme….really lovely graphics….

    • Hi there – I would also like to remove the frog from this excellent WordPress template design – I love the whole template, but unfortunately the frog is not appropriate for my next site. Is there any possibility of releasing the full .psd for the header please, so that I can remove the frog?

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  71. Live demo not working.
    Can you fix it?

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  79. Came here via smashingmagazine and I am an instant fan. Great freebies and great work

  80. Hi first time poster here
    That as a great template I love it

    is there anyway i can use it for my site

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  83. Very nice! Thank you

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  85. live demo not working. can you fix it? thanks

    • Thanks for letting me know.
      I’ve informed my hosting service provider about this issue. Will be fixed soon.

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  91. I have it upped at my site.

    I made use of the other resource available.

    the only problem is the the post div and the post title is little too far apart.
    Any Help ??

  92. Hey,

    nice theme! can u fix the live demo please? thank u! ;)

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  117. very beautiful!!!!!

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  121. Many thanks for sharing all this great work!

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  123. Your work is amazing.
    Thanks for the free stuff…

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  129. WildDreams: How can I stop each alternating month on index page from swapping the ‘PostDet’ and ‘PostTime’ positions in the PostHead? I can’t seem to find your switch for that setting and it only happens using the WildDreams theme.

  130. Thank You Very Much :)

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  137. Hi there, love the theme so much I made it my homepage for my blog/website.
    I made a few changes hope you like them, and dont mind. I kept your credit at the footer of the page as you request.
    Thank you.

  138. I used this great theme as my new theme on my stormtrooper blog. I changed the graphics and added to it, but it was the base of it all! Credit where credit is due man… GREAT JOB!

  139. Hey Gopal, please, give me permission to adapt this fantastic template to blogger

  140. Sorry fo the double post, I forgot to give the link : http://www.test.kamoule.fr

  141. Hello !
    I’m using WildDreams for my first and future wordpress shop but I have a problem : the nav bar is not displaying correctly, do you know why ? Have I missed any special configuration of the theme ?
    (I’m using wordpress 2.7)
    Thanks for sharing your job !

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  143. @Missy This theme was designed for 2.6.x. Did you try this with 2.7?

  144. Is the theme compatible with WP 2.7?
    Let me know.

    P.S. Great looking theme!!!

  145. hello, you can get permission to adapt this great template to blogger?

  146. @Eric, @Michael Thanks for your comments :)

  147. Dear Gopal, great work! I used your theme for a private (/members only) travel blog, which I set up for family. I have to admit I changed the frog also ;-) But it wasn’t that hard with all the work you already did. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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  152. how about loosing the frog?
    i hate the frog! could you maybe include full .psd layer of header so people could remove ugly frog?

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  160. Hi,

    After BlakMagik, I translated this zani theme into french.

    You can reach it here :

    Continue working like this !!

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  164. My best regards for this amazing job!

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  166. Very nice theme. Thanks.

  167. Beautiful design, the hands are a beautiful touch.

    Excellent work!

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  174. @Kevin @Heather @Lowman Thanks for your comments :-) @Veerendra I’ve used position:fixed in css.

  175. great theme ! thank you .. how did u make hands steady in scroll ! ?

  176. Very nice theme bro! Congratulations :)

  177. Haha this one really makes me smile. Very kind of you to release this!

  178. amazing graphic design

    • great graphics, you are one of a kind to give away this theme for free! only one Q. it’s optimazed already or we have to use plug in to do the job? i’m not really needing a theme right now but i really love your design.

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