Top Colors for Call-to-Action Buttons


Call-to-action buttons are known as efficient tools to turn people entering your website by chance into permanent visitors and, therefore, boost its conversion rates dramatically. Designing CTA buttons that would harmonize with any theme (see WordPress templates for some inspiring examples), it’s important to take into account several factors. Particularly their location, dimensions, and, last but not least, color.

Although content plays a key role in marketing campaigns, it is a visual aspect of websites that produces the first impression on its visitors and influences their decision whether to keep on staying there or leave in no time. Colors arouse various feelings that can lead either to prompt actions or inactivity eventually, that’s why you should choose them wisely to create the best call-to-action buttons ever.

Keep in mind that these tools should stand out against the background of your website color scheme in order to attract people’s attention and urge them to take actions about anything you offer, e.g. subscribe to updates, create an account, obtain or download a product, etc. Look through the colors that can serve as a warm welcome to your website visitors and motivate them to click on CTA buttons.

Energy of Red

Red CTA Button

Red is considered to be the best color for a call-to-action button due to its intense and energetic nature. It doesn’t only draw people’s attention, but also whets their appetite for giving a try to the advertized products. This hue is an ideal option for sale signs, as it can push individuals for making a spontaneous purchase without hesitation. Companies also use red to show how passionate they are about their business and convince potential customers that they put a heart into their work.

Warmth of Orange

Orange CTA Button


Another great color that can call your audience to action is orange, even though it isn’t as hot as red. While the latter compels individuals to do something, orange only invites them in a polite manner without annoyance. If you apply this hue to CTA buttons, you’ll arouse people’s enthusiasm about your offerings giving them an affordable look. Creating a warm atmosphere on your website, orange can encourage customers’ confidence in your services. They will be ready to make a purchase in an instant without thinking about all the pros and cons of your merchandise for a long time.

Chic of Purple

Purple CTA Button

Purple also belongs to the category of colors that can make a great call-to-action button. Similar to red, it boasts of a strong nature, which will leave no one indifferent about the deed you want them to perform. Dark shades of purple can help you improve profitability of business, as they will add a touch of luxury to the look of your offerings. Moreover, using this color is an efficient way to accentuate creativity of your company and its distinctive flair. Clicking on a purple CTA button, people will be sure that they are going to obtain something unique they won’t find anywhere else.

Vivacity of Green

Green CTA Button


To manipulate visitors of your website in a calm manner, you won’t find a better color than green to design your CTA buttons. When they cast a glance at them, they won’t feel any pressure from your side. Quite the contrary, people will feel optimistic about your offerings and believe that they’ve arrived at a decision to make use of them on their own, without your hints. As a bonus, green can refresh the appearance of any website and, therefore, vitalize your potential customers for actions.

Security of Blue

Blue CTA Button

Many successful companies resort to blue in order to build customers’ loyalty to their services. If you want to emphasize credibility of your enterprise, you should definitely follow their example. Create blue call-to-action buttons to give an air of security to your company and inspire trust of your website visitors in it. A calming effect of this color will also make the process of clicking on CTA buttons more natural. Take advantage of blue, and you are guaranteed to produce an impression of an honest and responsible company on your audience.

When choosing a proper color for call-to-action buttons, you should make sure it ideally harmonizes with the overall design of your site. For example, you are recommended to refuse from the idea to use red CTA buttons on web pages where this hue dominates. Too much red will turn your audience off at once and lead your business to losses. The golden rule in this case is to blend colors wisely on online platforms to set their visitors in the right mood for further actions.

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