ProductiveDreams Wallpaper v2


Hello Friends, Happy Halloween!

As you would be aware, I redesigned the PD logo recently and updated my twitter theme based on the new logo. The next thing that sprang in my mind was to design a wallpaper for my readers and here it goes. This one was created from scratch using Photoshop.

Both Standard (1024×768 and 1600×1200) and Wide versions (1280×800 and 1920×1200) has been included in the zip file.

ProductiveDreams Halloween wallpaper

Please do let me know (via the comments section) if you need this wallpaper in a different resolution

About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Wonderful Wallpaper…

    I would love to know how to do this in Photoshop (from scratch)…

    Please post a Video Tutorial, Gopal

  2. So cool wallpaper, i wondered by seeing your creativity and imagination, It is my pleasure to meet a great Indian blogger.

  3. Men, the final work is pretty awesome!!! really nice work :D

  4. nice wallpaper and happy christmas

  5. hi raju .very nice wallpaper tnx

  6. I love the Logo, Color , BG and font selection.
    The wallpaper will look amazing without the water effect. Overall I would rate 9.6/10

  7. WoW.. Thanks for the Wallpaper. It is matching with my desktop. :) I would love to have ur feedback. Here is a like hope you will like it.

  8. Very nice! Desktop backgrounds are a great way to reach out. If you’re interested, check these out:

  9. Nice Background!

  10. Great Wallpaper.. Nice job Gopal.. thanks for sharing.

  11. These are amazing wallpapers! Thanks for this!

  12. create a logo for me free and it would be greatful for me..

  13. Love it mate! On both of my mac desktops!

  14. @Rahul @Smashingbuzz Thanks guys!

  15. This is awesome!!!
    Loved it

  16. really creative and make more creative my Halloween :)

  17. @cheth @AFD Thanks for your comments. I’m glad that you liked it :)

  18. Very good work on this logo Gopal !
    Creative and well constructed.