ProductiveDreams Reloaded


ProductiveDreams is looking different? Yeah! infact, I planned to redesign long back, but couldn’t since the Best WordPress Contest was going on. Redesigning PD was obviously a tough job since I had to do something better and usable, than the previous design.

This is the third time I’m redesigning PD (I would rather call this a facelift). I’ve used some jquery to make things lively ;)

So what are the major changes?

1. The Global Search

Type something(meaningful) on the Search field on the top right and wait for a second or two.


2. My social network

This section lets you to connect with me. Be my friend!

My Network

3. The Twitter Bird

I don’t want to explain this. :) Just move your mouse over the twitter bird.

Twitter Bird

4. The JQuery(moving) tabs

A simple JQuery animation.

JQuery Tabs

5. Digg and Retweet buttons

You can see this in the post detail pages.

digg retweet

6. Calendar – shows posts of the current month


7. The Page peel icons

These icons already existed in the previous design but still I think it’s worth a mention.

PagePeel Icons

8. Top Commenters

I love my readers and especially those who take the pain to comment or thank me for my efforts.


Now it’s time to let me know your opinion. Do you think this design is better than the previous one? Feel free to comment here :)

About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. I like your sharing mind…Thanks for the info.. Keep up :)

  2. I love the way you design and new things you post here.

    thanks a lot for sharing all this stuff…!

  3. Hi,
    Gopal Can you please let me know how can i implement jquery moving tool

  4. make a tut for some of these, i dont know how to edit my theme, like i wanted to put those page peel icons on the side or anywhere but i dont know how please and thank you

  5. i can only say is

  6. The site design is outstanding.
    Brings me back to “when I gorow up, I’d like”…

    Congratulations, this is really lovable!

  7. Congrats for your work !
    I like the reply preview, really handy !

  8. What a wonderful article. Ill be using this in my work from now on. thanks again for being there.

  9. Throw in some tutorials man about these.. let us also use them.. :P

  10. This is awesome theme man. good work. I wish I had a blog like yours.

  11. it’s a nice theme,i really love it.but the jquery moving tabs can not work in my ie8.

  12. Wow, that’s a very beautifull usage of the recent comment w/gravatar widget !

    By the way, You should check the previous version of the plugin, admin should not be displayed. (it was the only difference between the plugins)

  13. Hello man,
    I have just discovered your website yesterday. I just wanted to congratulate you for the quality of this template. The colors are just great, the jquery effects are very usefull and the general design just makes me say “waho…the guy who have made this website just rocks !…”
    Congrats once again !
    ps : what plugin do you use for your comments functionnality?
    pps : sorry for the bad language I’m not english.

  14. I love the design! Functionality is most important and most impressive. I can’t think of anything I would change. Great job!

  15. Looks really great, especially on a wide monitor :)

    Usually I don’t pay much attention to the jquery effects, but these ones are done with taste and style :)

    1. in Opera (i don’t know if this is the case for other browsers), the bookmarking icons on the left appear only after scrolling down ~400px.
    2. Footer, in Top Commenters area… is it the case for you to participate in this top? Let others get the chance to be #1.

    Anyway, great job!

    • Thanks Dumitru.

      1. Regarding the bookmarking icons, it was intentional. I wanted users to see it only when they scroll down and read the article.

      2. I agree that I shouldn’t be #1 in the top commenters section. I’ve informed the plugin author about this. Awaiting his response :)

    • Btw… the “top commenters” thing has been fixed! Thanks again for pointing that :)

  16. Wow Gopal, This is a great redesign my man, you put a lot of effort into it! I am currently redesigning my own site, Hopefully I can improve upon my old version as much as you did for this!! Keep up the good work man!

  17. Greatest site with such improvisations I have come across so far ! :-) Congrats

  18. nice reloaded man.. it looks really good….

  19. Greeeaaat…!!!!!
    I ike.

  20. You’ve done a very good job implementing these new features, well done! The non-standard look of the ajax powered search results, implementation of the teared social icons, everything is adding to the user expirience. Bravo!

  21. Outstanding mate! I just love it, way better than the last one. Really liked the grunge bg and the bevel effect around the top left part of the sidebar! Very well done.

  22. It’s cool. I love..

  23. lovely theme gopal!! Outstanding. Please consider validating it through w3c giving me errors on opera…. Appreciate your efforts…

  24. I love JQuery(moving) tabs (I like hover effect – too lazy to click. lol)

    Bugs when viewing with Opera9.
    - I can’t see the comment text
    - page peel icons were hided.
    - social icons on the top looks weird when hover

    btw, I’m quite surprised to be one of the top commenters :)

  25. I really hated the eyes on the last design. This one is about a hundred times better. Nice work!

  26. Greatest site with such improvisations I have come across so far ! :-) Congrats

  27. Absolutely gorgeous!

  28. This is magic! wuw! ((: I like that.

  29. This is absolutely amazing, well done! Do miss the “dreamy eyes” that you had in your previous template (it was where I recognized this website most of), but still: It’s very well designed.

    Really like the “Twitter” bird.

    Oh BTW, as I’m writing this comment, you still need to fix the “reply” box -> it doesn’t scroll when I’m writing this long text :) . Very annoying.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for your comments and for pointing out the issue with live comment preview. That has been fixed :)

  30. Looks good. Great Job!

    I love it! :)

  31. wow! it’s awesome

  32. Super amazing dude… I love all the customizations, very well done!

    Great work again!

  33. Woohoo!! At last you made the new theme live !

    Congrats.. !

  34. Totally outstanding!!!
    I love it :)

  35. Simply awesome man! no words :)

  36. Looks good. I especially like the search..

  37. WHOA! This design kicks MAJOR ass. I REALLY like the jQuery moving tabs…I’ve never seen that done (then again, I haven’t really actively -looked- for it, either)

    The search box effect is also really cool.

    Great job on the redesign!

  38. I really love this! A fresh take on your previous style, and the way you’ve customized the search area is hot!