Page Peel – A Free Social Media Iconset


First of all thanks for voting for “ProductiveDreams” in the Best WordPress Design Contest :) I really appreciate it.

I received many emails requesting for those social media icons that are peaking through the left hand side of this page (or any post page on ProductiveDreams). So I thought of putting together a set of social icons for my dear readers. The set contains 16 social icons in (transparent)PNG format.

Social Media Iconset

PagePeel - A Free Social Media Iconset

What are you waiting for? Get ready to peel your web pages!!!

Update: A second version of this icon set was released here

About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Denise Workheiser July 26, 2014 11:23 pm

    Great icon set! Thanks for making it available. I’ll be using some of the icons in a presentation for a class assignment.

  2. Thanks for the free social media iConset, very useful for me, just downloaded it.

  3. These will be perfect for my coupon site. Thanks!

  4. Could you include an instagram icon?

  5. Very nice pack. Thank you.

  6. Thank you! GRACIAS!!!!

  7. Very good pack!!

  8. can you do it with an instegram logo? it would mean the world to me!

  9. Thanks loved this I use it for my website
    Looks nice :)

  10. These icons are really great, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for making such lovely icons

  11. Thank you

  12. Just fantastic, many thanks for this iconset!

  13. Really cool. I have come across many social icons on the web but the peeled design definitely stands out. It is very creative and appealing to say the least, and should lead to better conversions.

  14. I need one with the Twitter T and not the bird. That would be great!

  15. Do you have a pinterest one yet?

  16. Woow thats a nice Iconset! thank you!

  17. Page peel free social icons are awesome, and even more cuz they are absolutely free!!

  18. Is this free to use on my website?

  19. Aaron Robles May 22, 2012 2:27 pm

    Where is Pinterest! Not to mention Tumblr! Can we add these, please?

  20. yo the page peel logo is a smashing hit i use it on my new site and in my videos thank you so much

  21. Beautiful d ude and many many thanks!!!! Exactly what I was looking for…

  22. Hi, great icons…thanks very much!!!

    Keep up the good work ;o)

  23. Very nice icons, however I really miss Facebook one:)

  24. Really nice set, thank you!

  25. I downloaded the social media iconset… Unable to figure out the code to insert in my blog….How do i go about it?

  26. Jowhatdoyouknow March 6, 2012 1:00 am

    Very cool – by far the most original icons and they’re great for all markets – when are you going to grace us all with more?

  27. I saw these on someone’s site so I’m glad I have found the source! :o)
    Any chance of getting ones with Pinterest and Google+?

  28. Hey, hope after few week’s you add new icons :P

  29. Just Adorable!!!

    Love Them……..

  30. these icons are fantastic, a really nice set of icon set. I now have on my facebook site. Thanks so much!

  31. Sweet collection of icons! The second version you released is also very nice!

  32. Do you have Pinterest in this icon set? :)

  33. Nice- I will be using these. I’m tired of the share buttons.

  34. Great stuff and nice looking blog.

  35. Just lovely!! its really looking so cute, great work

  36. Wow! I love this. Thank you for creating and sharing this incredible iconset.

  37. Hi Gropal,

    love the icons…will use on my site..
    cool beans man…


  38. cool web site design, cool free icons… thank you very much!

  39. Awesome set of Social Icons, both v1 & v2. Question I have is, would it be possible to get an image of a shopping cart or maybe even the template so I could insert an image of a shopping cart?

    It’s the only image missing that I need for my site to go with the rest of the Social Icons.

  40. Just lovely!! Thank you :)

  41. Very attractive and free icons, thanks man!

  42. cool website ! I Like it. Thanks a lot.

  43. I really love your icon set, but i need Tumblr icon! :_(

  44. Need tumblr icon. Will this set be updated?

  45. Nice, nice, nice!! Do you also have Hyves?? pleaeaeaease??

  46. i like ur icon set…It’s really really awesome

  47. I love these! Thanks a lot!!

  48. Cool and modern! Thank you for this awesomeicon sets

  49. A great collection of icons. Just what I searching for, Thanks

  50. Thanks for share man! I save your website in my resources ; )

  51. …thank you for icons that are unique and awesome for us to enjoy

  52. Cool and modern! Thank You.

  53. … thank you for this awesomeicon sets

    Anna :)

  54. Love them! Reallt clean and nice icons. Have a site that i think this would fit in very well :-)

  55. awesome icon set!

  56. thank you for icons that are unique and awesome for us to enjoy!

  57. Those are some really creative icons. Just like a few others I also cant seem to figure out how to download them, Is there a hidden link somewhere :P

    • Thanks for your comment Murtaza,
      Seems like the button image isn’t loading. That will be fixed soon. Thanks again for the heads-up!

  58. I have a website for my kids and the just loved this icon set. Thanks!

  59. Really nice set of icon set. I now have on my facebook site. Thanks so much!

  60. hi
    your work is really inspiring me.the i con that i see was original and look pretty attractive.really really colorful icons .thanks for sharing .

  61. this is excellent i used it in my share this part

  62. These icons are fantastic! I have them on my new website at and also made a blog article on them and our thanks! :)

  63. sir,
    i would like to know how u have added the Tweet Sharing and Facebook Share to your Post. Please can you send me the HTML code.
    Thanking you.

  64. Thankz, the icon set is great…

  65. too cool for me, lol!!!

  66. Well thanks for the icons. I want to as one more thing…Can u tell me the name of the left side social slider? I am looking for it tough…please reply soon…

  67. awsome thx so much!!!

  68. These are really cool and original. Thanks for sharing with us!

  69. Hi! Your icons rock! Using them on our website! I’m just curious…is there any way possible to make a FOURSQUARE icon using this same page peel style? Thanks for letting your fans know!!

  70. Really cool icons. Thanks a lot for sharing this!

  71. I was just on the go to ask if you will update this pack for sky,… icon :D

    GREAT icons!!!

  72. wow, thank you for this awesomeicon sets :)

  73. This is really nice stuff! Thanks a lot für this wonderful icons!

  74. awesome icons i luv it.
    only one i need its a icon for ustream, please can u make one

    best regards

  75. This is awesome free icon sets, i will share this to my post…

  76. Cool icon set… love it!!
    gona use it my new website

  77. Very cool, thank you!

  78. I love these, they are probably the cutest set I have ever seen and I am always going through icon collections.