Min-width issue in IE6


This is something for those who care for IE6 and not W3C Standards. Recently I worked on a project, for which the layout was liquid and one of the requirements was to use a minimum width of 1000px. Is that a problem? Not at all.

The problem was to make it compatible on all major browsers, including IE6 !!!!!. I wonder why people still use IE.

As usual, I started searching for the solution on the right top of my Firefox window (yes, google!) and found a few websites which had discussions on the same topic. Most of them had lengthy posts and not the real solution. After going through a couple of sites, I concluded with the following solution. I hope this would help those who come across the same problem.
width: expression(document.body.clientWidth < 1002? "1000px" : "auto"); }

Just add the above line in your CSS. Replace 1000px with the min-width value and replace 1002 with a value slightly greater than the min-width. To define the max-width, just replace the "<" with ">".

Known Issues:

  • Only works with JavaScript enabled browsers
  • Not W3C valid

That's all! I don't want this post to be lengthy like the others I went through :)

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  1. Nice post u have here :D Added to my RSS reader

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  5. I recently wrote a solution to this problem too: http://www.webcoders.com.au/minWidth.html

    Usage is: width: expression(IE6MinWidth(this, 400));

    It takes into account the margin, padding and borders of the object so IE doesn’t crash in a spectacularly bad fashion. Its also added using conditional css so it will pass W3C validation and only load for IE6.

    Only reason I link this is because your solution will still cause IE to crash if the element has padding, borders etc.