How to improve the page rank of your twitter profile page


As I mentioned in my previous post, a good page rank for your twitter profile means you are someone worth following.

Twitter Page Rank

Before reading further, I would suggest you to check the PR of your twitter profile page. Also try checking the PR’s of the giants. I’m glad to see Google Page Rank impacting the public social media profiles of services like twitter.

So what is Google looking for? Check out this quote from Marketing Professor.

What is Google Looking For?

* Credible inbound links from sources with credible inbound links
* Quality thematic content in their Twitter stream (jumping from dog training to affiliate marketing, to dieting in your twitter stream may get different results than sticking to one theme or topic of discussion… key phrases).
* Outbound links to credible sources.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they are also looking at social measures (retweets, locations, and @ replies).

The tips mentioned below are based on my experience, I would love to hear your suggestions (especially from SEO experts).

1. Quality of your tweets

Sharing quality links is of course the first and foremost thing. If you don’t share your followers wont care! If you want to gain the attention of bloggers, try your best to tweet things that are relevant to your area of expertise. If someone is following a designer on twitter, that obviously means they are expecting him/her to share design related stuff. TwitterGrader is a nice tool to evaluate your performance in the twittersphere.

Bloggers often post round ups about the best Tweeters in a certain niche and following are a few examples of such posts.

25 SEO Gurus you should follow on Twitter

40 Web Developers to Follow on Twitter

11 Epic WordPress Plugin Developers to Follow on Twitter

I would also recommend you to use hash tags as widely as possible.

2. Adding a Follow Me button in your website

I am sure, most of you would have already done this. But if you haven’t, include a follow me button in your blog/website and also show your recent twitter updates. So that makes one profile link, for google spiders to crawl through ;)

3. Create an attractive twitter theme

Though it sounds less useful, it matters a lot. Your twitter has to be unique as to stand out from the crowd. Try to make your twitter theme as creative as possible. This lets bloggers include you in their round ups on the best twitter themes. Don’t forget to choose an attractive display image for your profile as well.

There are a few twitter background galleries out there and I am sure there will be more. I have included the links to their submission pages below.

Twitter Backgrounds Gallery

All you need to do here is follow them on twitter and post a tweet.

Twitter Backgrounds Gallery
Tweet Backs

Follow the same process here.


And the one below can be considered as a milliondollarwall for tweeters.

The Tweet Wall

Know what? I’ve worked on this project ;) Posting your profile is absolutely free.


4. Post your profile on other Social Networking sites

Add your twitter updates and profile links on social networking sites like facebook, linkedin, myspace, friendfeed etc. You may go through the following posts for more details on how to display your twitter status.

How To Add Twitter to Facebook

How to Add Twitter to LinkedIn

How to Add Twitter to a MySpace Page

5. Submit your profile on Twitter Directories

Here goes a comprehensive list of twitter directories, which includes the Page Rank and Alexa Rank of each directory.

21 Twitter Directories and Follower Finders to Expand Your Twittersphere

A few other suggestions(thought it doesn’t affect your PR directly) would be to add your twitter profile url in your email signature and to attend TweetUps on a regular basis (a kind of offline promotion). For those who don’t know what a TweetUp is – Its just a gathering of people who use Twitter.

So what is your twitter profile PR? Do you have a suggestion? Please make use of the comment form :)

About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. This is an amazing post! I also bookmarked it. I will be using the tips and hopefully my “1″ will get to at least a 5 lol.. Thank you!

  2. Hi, thanks for the great post. I have one question: Am I going to lose all the trust (pagerank) of my twitter profil by changing my twitter username?

  3. Many thanks for this post, I looked into it and we are PR0, some work needed.

  4. its very helpful thanks for sharing i like it so much.

  5. My twitter page had a PR4 before twitter changes addresses to the!/username format. Since then my PR has remain unranked and I have no idea why.

    Any suggestions?

  6. Interesting point of view. I never thought of Twitter profiles having a PageRank, but after reading this article: Why not? Mine is at 3 at the moment, and I guess it’s helpful if you get retweeted alot, since that’s a single backlink everytime.

  7. I really new to heard about this, how can the twitter improve our pagerank and this is really useful.. thanks

  8. Thanks for the great tips. Very useful with helping me with the starting points of my SEO


  9. Your tips are useful for building a strong twitter account in general, which Google PR may be a measure of, what is the point of having a high PR in itself as all the links are classed ‘nofollow’ ?

  10. Great help thanks a bunch I can’t wait to see what happens now.

  11. Hi,

    Beyond the number of followers, I believe that more important is having a sincere relation with your followers and those that you follow, especially if you use Twitter as a way to transmit your business.
    Last time I checked, it was 5.


  12. Thanks for this post! I never really thought about my Twitter page having a PR. I looked into it and I’m PR3. I was pleasantly surprised. I put a call in to my seo firm to find out more about how I can use Twitter as another tool for my business beyond what I have been.

  13. Hi, your post is really interesting. I’m using twitter for work every day and thanks to posts like yours I’m always learning new things. By the way, perhaps you could have a look at to illustrate the 3rd point. (Many beautiful twitter backgrounds to download for free)

  14. Thanks a lot for useful info …..

  15. I’m a little confused how google awards pagerank to Twitter pages. I was on a Twitter page today with pr8 and it had zero backlinks. I think the rank is determined by followers and how often the page updates and unique content not backlinks.

  16. good info, thanks. I didn’t know anything about Twitter directories so far :(

    I use for free twitter backgrounds, They have simple but really nice backgrounds there

  17. Nice info! Very cool post.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.I can`t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please

  18. I have read lots of article about improving rank of once website but thanks for putting this info it’ll help us to improve our twitter profile page

  19. Very useful article.
    I’ve shared & bookmarked it.

  20. It would be informative if you could do a follow up to this. Does follower/following numbers affect PR and how? How about links in your tweets. Retweets? Mentions?

    Btw, my PR is a 5.

  21. Thanks for the article, I’ve just started noticing different people’s PR for their twitter account, and have been trying to figure out how I might have achieved mine. Thanks for spelling it out a bit for me.

  22. Creating a popular site through social media is the way to go these days unless you can afford superbowl ads like GoDaddy. Nice article!

  23. WOW! Great information. I’m bookmarking so I can go through all of this in more detail, Many thanks for some really good info!

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  25. very interesting and helpful post! thanks for sharing!

    my PR is 3! yay :D

  26. Great post. Just noticed my twitter account is still unranked. Do you think this is something I need to worry about. I have been using it quite actively for the last 8 months. Thanks

  27. Thx for the post. Tip with twittter directories is very useful. But creating twitterback for pr improving sounds lol)

    • Thanks Orest, The tip regarding twitter bg might sound funny, but that’s an important one, since that will help you get featured on many websites/blogs. Its as important as the design of a website that gets featured on CSS galleries.

  28. This is awesome! Your blog has a really nice design and the topics you cover are amazing. Keep up the awesome posts, I really enjoy them!

  29. Amazing article! I already knew a lot about twitter, but this post taught me several things. I’ve been trying to help many small business people in my area and I keep sending them to this post. Very, very helpful!!

  30. After reading an article today about how Google is planning to rank the Twitter accounts based on the quality and people who followed them, this post to me seems like a timely one. It’s great that people are realizing quality is the main key now instead of an unengaging, self-absorbed, bot-like Twitter profile. Connection is still the priority in Twitter connections. Thanks for sharing the tips.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  31. Cool, I’ve got a Twitter PR of 4 :)

    Regarding SM: I don’t think popularity is an excuse for not going the extra mile with small details.

    Is it just me, or is SM changing a lot from the good old SM, just because they’re now a huge network and have started to make more and more money?

    Honestly I find myself visiting them rarely as each day passes… Can’t understand how some interesting sites fade away when the big money comes in…oh well…

  32. Hey Gopal,
    Never thought about the PR for Twitter profile. Really nice read and tips.
    My PR is 5.
    By the way I checked the PR of @smashingmag, it shows ’0′. ??

    • Thanks Nikhil. Even I came to know about this recently while writing the blog post about twibies.

      Regarding Smashing magazine, they are already very popular. Within a week after opening a twitter account, they gained thousands of followers. They don’t have to submit their twitter profile anywhere and neither have to design a creative twitter background.

      Please try checking the PR of popular tweeters like @mayhemstudios, @cheth … :)

  33. Great read on pr tips for twitter. Sadly my pr is 0 as I’m new to twitter, but I will definitely utilize these tips to make that pr grow. Thanks for the post.

  34. Cheers for your reply and for fixing the link (.. it was late, hihi)!

    I’ll guess I’ll have to wait, like you write … although been tweeting since a year now?

    Cheers & Ciao …

  35. Hi Gopal,

    nice in-depth article you’ve got here, compliments. More than a month ago I wrote a post about the same topic on the Boost Your Twitter Profile Page Rank.

    More or less (not as in depth as your article, hihi) I told the same, … but still I’ve got a PR0 on my Twitter (@gonzodesign_). What am I doing wrong?

    Never the less, great article, great read! Thanks for sharing, Cheers & Ciao …

    • Thanks for the comment Gonzo, I guess you forgot to put the href for your link while posting the comment. I have updated the link :)

      To gain a better PD, it will take some time… Just maintain the quality of your tweets and follow these tips. Lets wait and see.

  36. my id has PR 5. guess its good. :D

  37. Thanks for the read, its really informative and eye opener too. My TwitterPR is 4. Lot of work to do yeah?

  38. Nice post. btw my twitter profile has PR6