Page Peel – A Free Social Media Iconset


First of all thanks for voting for “ProductiveDreams” in the Best WordPress Design Contest :) I really appreciate it.

I received many emails requesting for those social media icons that are peaking through the left hand side of this page (or any post page on ProductiveDreams). So I thought of putting together a set of social icons for my dear readers. The set contains 16 social icons in (transparent)PNG format.

Social Media Iconset

PagePeel - A Free Social Media Iconset

What are you waiting for? Get ready to peel your web pages!!!

Update: A second version of this icon set was released here

About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Gopal,
    As usual your work is a treat to the eye! Sometimes, i wish i had your talent! Great work, keep it up!

  2. thanks for sharing, great collection!

  3. great collection of icons!
    thank you for that !

  4. It’s wonderfull! I like it, thanks for sharing!

  5. I Like it very much.thanks.

  6. Hello thanks for everything.But i need background i like it!Can you send to my email?Somebody do it please.

  7. I really like :) Thank u for sharing!

  8. Hello Dude, i appreciate the link very much bt dere is no Myspace icon here, can u make one or do u hv it in prior. please share i’l be really thankful

  9. once again awesome design. you always make very good quality unique designs.

  10. The icon set looks fantastic. I’m sure many people will find them useful, especially the free ones.

  11. These are perfect for my blog’s theme. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. Quite awesome Icons for each taste. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Really good, well worth checking out!

  14. Wouww! Great post.. Thanks for this sharing..

  15. Yeah social media can give our site traffic, thanks for share this bro

  16. I have just put up a few of these on my site ( Not live yet!) There are the best Iv’e seen!

    Thank you so much…… I will send those who like them your way!

    Kind regards, and keep up the good work!
    Would you do a corner page peel with some of these…….. would be fun!

  17. should have said – lucky man to live in Kerala!
    home of the spice trade and all round stunning place – my team made a BBC film there a few years back but only travelled up north myself (Rajasthan, Goa & Mumbai) – will visit Keralal next chance I get!
    thanks again for great icon set – really nice work – if you ever make one like this but poking through the snow, please let me know, it would be perfect for my ski site

  18. truly original and executed with style and talent – going to try your icons on my ski site right now!

    been searching all morning for something original yet stylish like this – eye catching without being impractical or hard to view

    you’re a real talent – thanks a million!

  19. It’s beautiful,I like it,tank you for your work.

  20. I’ve used it in my site.
    Thanks guys !

  21. Love these icons! thank you…
    Keep up the good work.. :-)

  22. Thank you :)

  23. Thank you very much.Nice icon set. Good stuff.

  24. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I really like this set and actually downloaded to use on my company’s web sites, Thanks for great work.

  26. Gopal, you really sing!
    Found these cute little icons around the web, and couldn’t find the artist/author, even with tineye, until I used
    Now I can use the whole set and give the author credit.
    Thanks for these cuties and the second set too,
    Will be using them on my new photo site I am designing.
    P.S. Tut will love them too.

    • Gopal, am using these delightful icons on the blog linked to my name, so far.
      and am working on a sidebar widget with a link back to you.
      Would you have an icon for your site that I could use for that link? maybe the one in your header.

  27. i like it very much. very good work

  28. These are AMAZING! Very nice work. Would you by chance have a Flickr icon to match the set?

  29. These icons is very cool, I’ve downloaded it and use in my applycation now.
    Thank you.

  30. The icons look great! Love the both versions

  31. Awesome!! Thank you for all your work!

  32. Thanks, love it

  33. thank you so much, really creative work…

  34. Amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Fantastic, cheers!

  36. GREAT ICONS!!!

  37. Ä°t s cool..Thank you…Downloaded ..:)

    May I ask a question ?

    Top of your site.Share butons.How ı add my blogger blog ? I like it :)

  38. thanks!! it was very nice..

  39. i luv it … nice one

  40. Great, unique set of icons – Thanks!

  41. thanks, i used it for my client

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  43. yes i really like this set and actually downloaded to use on my company’s web sites, but it needs a YouTube icon.

  44. Yeah, i agree, why is there not a myspace/youtube icon?

  45. really i am glad to see your work.i am also from i am from the same field,i rarely found such a sharp work like you.
    Thanks for all.

  46. please please please!!! make an itunes logo

  47. Awesome icons! I’d love one for flickr and YouTube. Any chance of expanding the collection?

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  50. hi raju, i like your work. if i have any question, can i as it to you? do you have facebook?

  51. hi raju, do you have facebook?

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  53. Hi Raju if i have any doubts about web can i ask to you ……

    if it’s possible
    please send your email id to my mail

  54. Wow awesome colors, nice creativity…..

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  57. very great icons, good works i love it

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  64. Nice icon set. Thank you very much

  65. I am starting school soon, focusing in Graphic Design. I am inspired by your page, your icons and your logo! You’re amazing :D Will now be following you on Twitter.

  66. It is very rare to find an Indian designer that is on the bleeding-edge of web design. I love you and love your work. Be blessed my brother

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  70. Tnx. I will use it on my new blog.
    Beautyful icons.

  71. hey, Its realy grt to see someone from kerala doing such a superb wrk… am too a freelancer from kerala. ur site is cool..& it got dat thng.. gud job buddy.. keep goin..

  72. Hey buddy! your website/blog is too intresting and the creativity u got is awesome. I want to say a big thanks to you for these marvellous icons.

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  75. I love these icons. I am constantly looking for new icons for my site and I will definitely be using these in the very near future.

  76. Awesome icon set! I have just used it in my blog and also promoting via Twitter. great job!

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  78. Gorgeous icons set and only one of its kind. Beautifully designed!
    And, perfect for Christmas times :)

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  81. Absolutely love these.. Thank you very much

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  83. Great icon set. I used a few. Thanks!

  84. simply awesome….. this goes right into my blog… thankyou

  85. This page is beautiful. Wow.

  86. Simply brilliant, I will surely use them in my blog. But icon is missing, can you include that too.
    Thanks in advance :-)

  87. I’d also love a youtube icon. If you come out with one, please email me

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  90. really awesome icons!

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  92. Great icon set! I just featured this set on my blog. You can find the link by clicking on my name.

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  95. What a clever way to truly integrate your social media icons right into your site.

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  99. what a great icons!!!
    thanks for sharing it, will let you know when I use these on my web :)

  100. Cool Icons.. Great… WOW

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  102. Thanks for making these available.

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  105. I love these ICONS! I could hug them! Niiiiice job!

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  111. wow man (or women)
    really cool icon set.. i was looking
    for an interesting social icon set
    10x a lot
    CHeers. hovalot

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  118. anyway you can make a youtube and skype page peel?

    these are absolutely the best icons i’ve seen yet…

    sweet, very sweet…

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  120. wow.. great icon…
    thanks for sharing

  121. well i came here searching icons but i liked your blog too

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  125. thanks for the slick icon sets. this is very nice of you and is much appreciated.

  126. Nice set! Thanks for sharing with us adn make it available.

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  129. Thanks raju for providing these awesome icons… and I think your set is the only one [which I could find] which contains an Orkut icon too :P

  130. good icon, Nice share buddy…

    Thanks for making these available

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  134. Awesome share there Gopal! Donno how I missed this site for all this time.

    Subscribed to ur feed. Will be on ur trail for more information.

  135. Thanks so much! I love the social media icons you have, especially the div layering so they just ‘appear’ on scroll down.

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  138. Great Icon Set … wish you would add some more to them … like YouTube, etc. or tell us how to make our own.

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  143. Thank you for these icons. They are great.

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  145. Lovely icons. Awesome effect. It is the best icon set i have ever seen

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  152. YOUR BLOG IS REALLY AMAZING!!!!!! do you also make templates for blogger? this is really nice. I hope someday I can also make this kind of template. You are really awesome!!!!!

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  154. gteat stuff, thx

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  158. This is an excellent website and I really love your design and creativity. Great design, a lot of effort has been put in and nice to see someone who is willing to share their talents with the online community for free.

    I love this website.

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  169. I love your site man , I’ll feature this in an article when I get the first opportunity.

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  172. Excellent work, willl be using the twitter bird for a free Joomla 1.5 Follow Me Twitter module.

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  176. hi mate, thanks for sharing, those are awesome, im using them in my website.
    thank you

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  178. Fantastic Collection :-) very very nice :-) thanks

  179. This one is really awesome!
    I like the idea of peeling paper.

  180. Looks great gopal :)


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  182. Thanks alot! Just downloaded it!

  183. and I voted for u, Best !!

  184. Hi Raju, I love your website design, Its Nice to see someone from India with this Nice design. Icons are great too. Thanks a lot !!

  185. Good stuff. I think I may be able to get these a little more traffic … we’ll see.

  186. Lovely Icon. Gonna download it.
    Thanks for Sharing!!

  187. Absolutely love these icons! Thanks for making these available :)

  188. Awesome of you to share those, they are extremely cool!

  189. Great creative design, nice work!

    • The design of this page peel is very cool, I love it very much and I will install on my sites now.
      Thanks for share.

  190. Wow, Awesome one.
    I always wanted something like that..
    Nice work Gopal ! :)

  191. Nice share buddy… What about a tutorial to get that Page Peel effect.. ? Your icon got random peels.. Nice one.. !