BlakMagik, a free wordpress theme!


Today I am glad to release my first free wordpress theme – BlakMagik. This was designed for SmashingMagazine readers. The theme has 2 columns and is based on grungy wooden textures and has a cool top menu which includes RSS. The psd source file of the logo has also been included with the package. So feel free to change the logo with yours. This design can be used for any projects and will be useful especially for portfolios.


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About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. so nice theme………

  2. I finally found a theme I want and it’s outdated! Are you going to bring BlakMagik up to date?

  3. When is your BlakMagik 2.0 going to be released, Gopal? Hopefully it will include previous/next page links on the blog!!! I love this theme but need to have this essential feature for it to be functional.

  4. this theme is so great !!!
    thanks for theme

  5. best free theme.Thansk

  6. i m getting problem to install please give me idea …
    showing missing style.css file

  7. @Everyone – Good news! A second version of BlakMagik is coming soon!

  8. Copy just blakmagik subdrectory to the your wp tehemes.

  9. Blakmagik won’t install b/c it says theme is missing “style.css” file :( help?

  10. Been using this theme for over 2 years now, love it! Anyone who knows me says it fits my personality perfectly -
    TY Gopal!

  11. Wow, your theme is so great !!!
    Amazing, good job guys.
    Thank a milion !

  12. hi
    really cool looking theme just awesome as like you.pretty thanks for exhibition.

  13. I have a problem with IE (Mozzila is ok).
    On each site in one part is always wrote: ,,Can’t find a site” Please if you can help me.

  14. Thank u for sharing, I love these theme :)

  15. I cant seem to change to logo to the name of my website? The header editor doesn’t change it .please help

  16. thanks fo great theme, i love it :)

  17. I really liked your theme, and have used it on this blog:

    If you click on any of the standards on the right menu, the page opens with a preview without the image on those pages, then if you click on the page title, the entire page with the image appears.

    Can we have the entire page appear at the first click directly?


    • Can you tell me if you change something in the code that your site looks good in IE, without: ,,Can’t find site” on each site.

  18. First of all: Great theme! I love it, and I think it suits my webpage perfectly. Thank you!

    I have one small problem with the footer though; it won’t stick to the bottom of the page! If the page I’m viewing has less content than the sidebar, the footer cuts right through the middle of it.

    I’ve tried to google this problem, but the solutions I find doesn’t seem to quite suit this theme – and it doesn’t help that I really suck at php and css and all that stuff :)

  19. Still can’t figure out the “previous page” link. Is there one? Otherwise, there’s no way for my readers to access older posts.
    I love the theme and want to keep it, but this is rather essential.

  20. Thanks for this great theme!
    I did add a javascript preloader for the top nav images due to flicker, but I haven’t really had to do much else theme wise.
    It really has great colors. The name is quite interesting as well.
    Anyways, thanks again : )

  21. I was trying the template but images don´t load anymore, can ou fix it please?? is an amazing theme! ^^ and if you can´t fix it, can you tell us that the theme will not exist anymore? to change it :( anyway… thnx!!!!

  22. demo isnt working… downloaded and ill try it on my acc :D

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  24. Extremely great theme man, Thanks for sharing, You got talent, I want to use it for my portfolio blog, so wanted to ask can I edit the ‘Designed By’ Part. Lol that would really look unprofessional so.

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  27. hi. as I do to make me go in the categories of innings and not the titles to which must be given access to click that entry. that is complete go as shown in the home once it’s published.

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  30. I have a question – where is the PREVIOUS PAGE button? There seems to be none… I love this theme and really want to install it on my blog, but without the previous page button it is impossible :(

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  33. Switched my whole site to theme, customized graphics, and now any navigation page with sub pages doesn’t show up, and whole nav is messed up, do you have a fix?

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  36. There seems to be this odd Google Ads bar that causes a big empty space in my posts that I haven’t been able to remove in the code. I found it in the BlakMagik code and removed it yet it’s still there. Any idea what it is and how I can get rid of it? Awesome theme by the way. I love it. :)

    • i am having the same issue – removed the adsense script in the single.php file, but white space still there … what was your fix?

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  41. Hello Gopal ,
    What a stunningly beautiful theme . I am @ present on the Blogger Platform , and had downloaded the theme from a blogger gallery . The only modifications I have made so far are the header ( title ) which simply suits the theme soooo perfectly . The social media icons ( again sooo perfectly , as well as the comment box which came as just a boring blogger contact form – I spruced that up by adding a great background ) the entire theme looks even more uber now :) I have visited your site before . You are on my list of ” Top Web Designers ” and will be doing an article on you any minute now :) Keep the flames of the imagination burning . Wishing you much future success within all of your life & career endeavors . ( I had no problems whatsoever w/ this theme – btw. And as far as the 2 white boxes located @ the footer to the left and right : The only way to get rid of those is to simply go into the CSS & set the #footer to : repeat -x; ) Take care , will def drop by again :)

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  46. @Johnny and Sixth: you can find a tutorial in my blog about how to fix some BlackMagik problems.

  47. @Johnny: Your solution is good but the problem is: If you change footer color to #0000 then you only see black in footer.
    My solution is:
    In stylesheet.css find #footer and change value “no-repeat” to “repeat-x”. Save and refresh. Now you can see that 2 white boxes have gone and the footer is still there.:D

    Check my blog: for demo.

    • Misao, thanks for the repeat-x tip . . . those white squares have been bugging me for ages! Cheers, Matt

    • @Misao: Thanks for that hint, I’ll test it next time, when I watch my blog in high res. =)

      @Gopal: I’ve used your template for months. I’m complete satisfied. Thanks a lot.

      @All: When the screen displays the search results of my weblog, there are white bars between the results. I’d haven’t changed much — killed only the Google Ad block.

      Dou you have any idea how to fix it?

  48. This theme is great! Is there a way to turn pagination on? I tried downloading a couple navigation plugins but none of them seem to work with black magik.

  49. Great theme Gopal!! It’s on the blogger template theme site However, it doesn’t seem to work. The date shows as “undefined” (three times) and the background image does not show up on Internet Explorer – but it’s fine on Firefox. Any ideas on how to fix it? Here’s my blog with your theme:

  50. I love this very much..!
    but sth wrong with my blog..
    anyway,thx for your working! =)

  51. Thanks Johnny. I was about to find the part of that with the whites. Instead of digging through it for possibly half an hour, you gave a quick solution. ^_^

    As for the theme itself, it’s gorgeous. I voted PD.

    Aside from that, I noticed that IE displays certain things differently than in SeaMonkey/Mozilla/FireFox. /sigh Lots of things to do to find these differences in CSS.

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  54. Just in case anyone else wants to fix theirs I figured out the issue with my white boxes. In the css file #footer change the “background #eee” to background #0000 that will set it to black and then no more white boxes when you maximize on a high res monitor.

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  59. I’m wondering has anyone else run into the issue with high resolution screens and this theme? I’m running 1900×1200 and when maximized there are little white squares in the lower left and right. not sure where they are coming from.

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  66. Hello,

    Thank you so much for such a graet theme. I really love it but I am running into a problem. The Site looks great in Firefox but when I saw my website in IE, its a little messed up.

    Check the left image which is not matching the theme and also the comment graphics is over the text.

    Please help me out. Thanks again for great theme.

  67. . . . gotta love the partial comment!

    I was wondering if there is any chance of getting the .psd files for the images on the left & right of main content?



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  69. Still loving this theme!!!

    Thanks to you Gopal I have got it up and running very well :)

    Is there any chance of getting the .psd files for

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  71. wow this is a awsome theme the best so far.
    But there s a little problem with the archives page template. It is some error on it the background is to black and the sidebar is not shown.
    Can you make a fix on this
    Thanks in advance.
    Great work

  72. Another question . . . are the google ads configurable?

    • Open index.php and search for class=”entry” below which you can find the adsense code (which is enclosed within the script tag). Just replace the code with yours.

  73. Thank you very much Gopal!

    You are a legend :)

  74. Thanks for the quick response Gopal. I just had a look in the index.php file however because I do not understand php it made little sense.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction? I am just looking at removing the ‘Designed by’ part from the header and pointing the RSS button to my feed?

    Thank you in advance.


    • I am sorry for the confusion in this regard. The file you need to edit is header.php and not index.php. You may search for the terms “designed by” and “RSS” in the php file and remove/replace them.

      I hope this helps :)

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  76. Silly question time . . . how can I change the RSS feed to my own and is there anyway to remove the byline from the header?

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  78. Any thoughts on the above issue?

  79. i love the theme… im running into a small problem… when ever we try to ad a sub page… it kills the navigation… is there s fix for this… were runnin wp 2.7…

  80. I love this theme and use it on my blog. I just looked at it on internet explorer 7and just noticed a small problem. The image that loads under the “date image” color doesn’t match the rest of the posts color.

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  82. Very nice theme

  83. Hi! Loved Blak Magik but I couldn’t get it to work. What version of WP is this supposed to work on? I have 2.6.4 thanks so much, kim

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  85. This is awesome theme which I have ever seen before….

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  88. Hello,

    Very nice theme ! You can now reach french version here :


  89. Hi!
    I made with photoshop anime myspace pics.
    have a look at them:
    Thank you for your site :-) xoxoxo

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  92. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  93. Very nice theme. Good work.

  94. i want to share my free wordpress theme here.



  95. great design, thanks for sharing :-) You’ve got so beautiful logos in your portfolio, good luck :-)

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  99. can u make ajax with contain recent post,rencent comment,recent article at right site bar?

  100. This theme is pretty, good design!

  101. Black Magic beda wordpress temasının İsterseniz Türkçe versiyonunu buradan edinebilirsiniz :

  102. great design. will keep checking back in future.

  103. Hi Gropal, excellent theme, thanks for sharing it.

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  105. Quite lovely, how kind of you for releasing this!

  106. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your comments :-) I’ve included a link to the Live Demo of the theme

    Feel free to explore!

    • I can’t get it to work :(

      Does this theme support sub-page navigation? if not is it easy to add?? Thanks!

  107. Amazing theme… Great work put together… [floated]

  108. Nice theme gopal!! Great work I will review it for sure!!

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  111. This theme is wonderful! I love it.

    Could you tell me where did you learn the skills to make such a great work? I’m curious.

  112. I came here from SmashingMagazine, and I love this theme – it’s one of the most detailed themes I have seen in a long time

    • Hello,
      how to do navigation ???
      Because there is no navigation in all site pages, no in the index, no in archives and so on.

    • YEEEE I created it, just copied all page-navigation codes add thats all :)