Another 15 Beautiful Twitter Themes


First of all, I would like to thank all those who have posted their comments on my previous post 12 Beautiful Twitter Themes That has encouraged me to come up with this list. The themes in this post may or may not be related to the profile owners website, but I love their creativity. So here it goes…

1. Flarup


2. Mayhemstudios


3. Rachelledesigns


4. Studio3k


5. Twsjonathan


6. Webandarts


7. Naldzgraphics


8. Benek


9. Bookchiq


10. Caterina


11. Naina


12. Zohoinvoice


13. Mcgstudio


14. Smshum


15. Pixelnated


Feel free to suggest any good looking Twitter theme that you come across and don’t forget to follow me on twitter

About Gopal Raju

Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. i need a wordpress theme like twitter

  2. waw….. it’s very beautiful,,,,
    thanks for share

  3. A change of pace – heres one for the dark and able!

  4. See this Twitter background as well

  5. Amazing looking site, and a great list of twitter users with awesome themes & backgrounds. Thanks

  6. thanks for share :) !

  7. Thanks for posting this interesting list full of great ideas!

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  9. There is one twitter theme forgotten…

  10. Hey what about my site? :D

    Just made one cool.. and im interested in comments. <3 Thanks!

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  12. Couple suggestions for another list:

    @jeanneleez @chadmcmillan @lisaworsham

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  14. Great ones! I like no. 4 very much!
    Another cool one:

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  17. Thanks for posting this interesting list full of great ideas!

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  20. Nice list. Made me sort my own out, so take a look – username: chrischerrett. Follow me if you want.

  21. A really nice list, I know most of them listed here, well what do you think about my twitter theme? username: cheth

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  24. Thanks for including me in the list although I don’t think mine compares to the rest of these!
    It is flattering to see it up there though :)

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  28. Nice list of some great designs there, I am following most, so have seen them before, but they are definately worth showing off.

  29. Mine is simple, but hopefully attractive and effective:

  30. Not sure if it’s nice, but I feel good with it.

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  32. Check out our twitter page at we combined 3-D with twitter

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  34. A great list of inspirational twitter designs good job, check out my twitter

  35. Both this and the previous list are inspirational! I love seeing what people come up with, especially with Twitter’s limited options.

    And thanks for the include. :)

  36. Thanks for adding me to the list! I’m always happy to be included on these lists – especially with so many talented people. Thanks again!

  37. Thanks so much for including mine! My twitter page is so simple and subtle that I almost feel unworthy of the mention, but I’m honored.

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  39. @mayhemstudios, @Navdeep and @NaldzGraphics : Thanks for your comments :)

  40. this list are beautiful:)thanks for the include too:)keep up the great work


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  43. Thank you for listing my profile in Another 12 Beautiful Twitter Themes. I feel honored next to all the awesome themes.