20 Creative Cloudy Designs


Designs that are based on clouds have struck me a number of times. This post is to show the usual and unusual use of clouds in webdesign. I have collected a few designs that are amazing and some of them prove that clouds doesn’t always need a blue sky to make it beautiful. Not sure how long this trend is gonna survive!

1. Biola University

2. Simayaa

3. Keithar

4. Webdesignbeach

5. Mydezzign

6. Ali Felski

7. Andres Gallego

8. Scroll Magazine

9. Memigo

10. Future of Web Apps

11. Jonathan D Mendoza

12. Help With

13. Blummi

14. Nathan Sanders

15. Tiny Crumb

16. Qwertcity

17. Straw Poll

18. Cabedge

19. Moshi Monsters

20. Joyent

If you come across websites with similar concept, feel free to post a comment here.

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Gopal Raju is a passionate designer, developer and blogger from India. He’s the founder of Convax Solutions, a web design and development agency in India. Catch up with him on dribbble, Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Nice post here, I like the look of clouds in a design, it gives it a very nice airy feel. DUGG

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  4. I happen to use clouds too, just on the purple background, since purple+green is one of my favorite colour palettes.

  5. try twitter.com/squaredeye

  6. @Nidia: Thanks for your comment. I think the cloudy trend evolved even before skype included the negative clouds concept. Even I had designed a few cloud based websites. But, at that point of time it was more of a real/natural cloud than a cartoony one :-)

    However, the trend rocks!

  7. Weird, I recently designed a site and added some clouds without even think it was a trend, just that it made sense with the entire idea. Don’t you think that the skype which uses white negative clouds and its clody logo was somehow an influence on spreading this cloudy trend?
    I believe that this ‘trend’ can evolve with time… Great post!

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  11. @Heather, Daniel, Kevin: Thanks for your comments :)

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  13. I really love the Blummi one …

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  15. clouds are always fun, fun! here there is one more to the list: http://www.blymp.com.br


  16. I really love the Biola University one, nice round up!